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15 May

Mind Control & EMF Weapons Are Real! (New Anti-Mind-Control-Hat).


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This is not sci-fi. Mind Control is really real and also is really dangerous! Nevertheless, say goodbye to worries. There is a brand-new solution. It is called the "BLOCKIT-HAT!".
Mind control is being conructed worldwide especiall in extremely advanced nations such as the United States.
Normal & Speculated Mind Control, Directed Energies, & Electronic Harassment Technologies being used:.

The types of electronic harassment technologies in use differ from those utilized by neighborhood gangs to those utilized by worldwide organizations (Organized Crime, Exclusive Business, &.

Secret Societies, the U.S. government, the United States Navy, the USA, military, the CIA as well as the NSA. The digital harassment technologies made use of by global organizations might.

entail making use of routed power technologies such as lasers, raido frequency energy beam of lights, holography, interferometry, electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, acoustic waves,.

satellites, radar, mini digital robots and also smart dirt and so on. Generally the technologies use routed energies which could not be seen by normal vision and also which can.

travel over thousands of miles.

Psychic mind control has actually been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. A good psychic or an excellent remore viewer could control the target victom no matter where they are.

located on the planet.

These directed energies can pass through most compounds such as wall surfaces, buildings, metals, mountains, and hundreds of miles of earth. Once a routed energy light beam intersects.

with an additional routed power light beam or a set of light beams, after that the point of junction could create a radiation pocket in the target. The radiation pockets created by routed.

energy beam of lights can be syntheticed to consist of sound waves, messages, heat stress, pressure anxiety, substitute types of electromagnetic radiation, telepathic photos, holographic.

as well as virtual reality simulations. As an example, two superhigh frequency light beams which could have safe superhigh frequency buildings individually when incorporated at a crossway point.

may have hazardous mixing superhigh frequency homes. Blended radio frequency light beams could be made use of to simulate sound by changing the stress (expansion and also compression) properties.

of the gases and liquids around the human body. It also is guessed that radio frequency light beams with frequencies in the hundred megahertz or higher array (TV( UHF),.

Mobile phone & FM frequencies) may be made use of in digital harassment.

Directed power light beams can track and also find an human item constantly by means of holographic indexing into the planet's holographic matrix. Computer systems can be set up.

which store holographic documents and indexes of biometric specifications such as voice patterns, bones patterns, mood patterns etc. A computer system might merely broadcast out a.

signal which has a holographic index of a biometric pattern of a specific individual. The biometric holographic pattern stimulates a holographic reaction from the certain.

individual searched for within the earths holographic matrix. A computer system after that might receive the holographic resemble response to the indicator sent out to situate the individual.

looked for with a holographic index. The holographic matrix system of the planet works like a giant cd-rom drive. Once the computer system situates a human object, it can.

then target the item with directed power beams and also track the things with a pedometer. It is guessed that directed power beams may be deflected off the environment or.

routed straight with the planet or other objects itself from ground devices controlled by holographic computer system systems using semantic networks. These routed energy beams.

can be utilized like fiber optic cables to direct media and electromagnetic power at the planned targets. The only means to block out routed energy beams directed at a things.

is to utilize a pressure field or a product which takes in or disperses 100% of the routed energy beam. Such pressure fields and also products are speculated to exist, however are kept top.


" Hey, do not for one minute believe this is science fiction or some kind of a joke. I myself, and many of our customers have actually been or still are targets of mind control.

Personally I think it is the government trying to control my mind. Why would I be a target? It's straightforward. We sell over 250 holistic health machines that in most cases makes.

makes the Pharmaceutical Giants, the FDA, the standard Medical Industry and also obviously the United States governmet appearance bad. Factor being, a number of the holistic health machines.

we sell pust drugs, and also wester medication to shame. Please remember. The Pharmaceutical Giants, the FDA, the Medical Association, as well as the United States government.

are completely working as one solitary power with the objective to maintain U.S. citcizens dependant on addicting pharmaceutical drug, as well as medical check outs. You see, there is even more.

money to me made by alleviating not recovery illness, sickness, viruses as well as illness rather than curinf it with the best holistic health machine." Said James Matthew, CEO of.

Miracle Alternatives, LLC.

The remedy is surrounding yourself with EMF Protection devices. One extremely unique product is our much demanded BLOCK-IT HAT! Every one of the discussed forms of weaponry just.

can not pennetrate the securing modern technology constructed right into the BLOCK-IT HAT!

For more information, check out comprehensive summaries visit the website for all EMF Protection products or go directly to the web site for the BLOCK-IT HAT!

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