Strong Evidence Suggests That Omega-3 Fats Are Beneficial For Bipolar Disorder

06 Jan

Orlando, FL— January, 2016 — According to research, one percent of the U.S. population suffers from bipolar disorder or manic depression. However, there are also milder forms of the psychological disorder that affect another 5 percent of Americans. The good news is there are remedies available that are believed to be helpful to individuals who suffer from it.

Strong evidence suggests that omega-3 fats are beneficial for bipolar disorder. There are several types of this condition such as the bipolar disorder type II and subtle bipolar spectrum mood disorders. These conditions can become very serious and can cause significant impairment and distress for the sufferers and their families.

It is believed that the condition is caused by chemical imbalance, but researchers have not yet identified what causes the imbalance. However, they believe that the development of bipolar disorder is partly genetic and environmental. Lifestyle factors increase one’s risk of mood disorders, and to reduce the risk or severity of the condition, certain lifestyle changes should be made.

There are medications formulated to stabilize mood, and they are considered to be important tools for treating the psychological disorder. However, they do not work for everyone and they even come with certain side effects. It is ideal to make some dietary changes that can reduce the need for medications in some sufferers. It is important to note that chemicals come from food, and what people eat, can have significant effects on the brain's chemistry. This can influence one’s mood and behavior.

Omega-3 fats, such as EPA and DHA, as well as omega-6 fats are essential components of all cells, but unfortunately, they are the only fats that the human body is unable to produce naturally. Omega-3 fats reduce inflammation while omega-6 fats reduce it as well, and both need to be balanced. When infection develops, the inflammatory forces combat the invading bacteria, and the anti-inflammatory forces clean everything up and then initiate the healing process. This balance is essential for maintaining the health of the immune system.

Due to the dietary changes that people make nowadays, this chemical balance is lost. Taking omega-3 fats in supplement form is believed to be helpful for providing the brain cell membranes with the flexibility they need to properly function. These healthy fats are also believed to be very helpful for providing anti-inflammatory protection to brain cells. It is important to remember that mood disorders are closely linked with the inflammation in the brain.

Omega-3s are a popular natural alternative today, and they are even available in the form of supplements. Those who do not want to consume fish on a daily basis may take these supplements instead (
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