Structured Thinking Patterns Re-shape Personal Development Industry

08 Jan

08, January 2016: "The entire world is shown exactly what to believe all the time, and nobody teaches the best ways to think.": Andy Shaw's brand new Saltori Starter Kit for structured thinking is now offered as free-download e-books to kick-start a much better, happier 2016 for all.

World-renowned psychologist Andy Shaw has actually created a perfect repair to the anxieties and pressures hundreds and thousands of people have fallen victim to in recent years. Offering an entirely free download for his brand new 'Saltori Starter Kit', Shaw provides all the necessary thought patterns necessary for a happy, healthy and thriving future.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Shaw mentioned: "I receive hundreds and thousands of e-mails on a monthly basis, individuals begging me to assist them to get away from the damaging downward spiral they have acknowledged in their everyday ideas. As individuals will discover quickly from my free 'Saltori Starter Kit' download, when a person learns how to structure the crucial parts of their thinking, success in fixing problems or accomplishing their dreams ends up being easy and certain. The primary step I teach is that controlling the outcome is to fully obtain control of the thing that creates the outcome - your mind. People believe they are in control, however the initial step on the road to awareness raising is to realize that mainly, we are not. My complimentary download on my site is not a one-stop-shop for a rapid psychological repair, but it will sure as hell get you right on your way."

Shaw's totally free download, just like the rest of his world-famous 'Bug Free Mind' series, is separated into small bite-sized lessons, which are designed to suit an already hectic schedule. Within the 'Saltori Starter Kit', Shaw's first 4 lessons take each user on a journey through their own mind, with a goal to understanding themselves and improving their thought patterns while doing so. Lesson 1, referred to as the most effective and essential lesson in the entire 'Bug Free Mind' procedure teaches the user to silence their mind, whilst Lesson 2 focuses on a small-but-effective mind restructure that can be applied to everyday life. Lesson 3 then advises on the very best way to conquer the chaotic thinking that can lie at the root of each and every deep psychological issue, whilst Lesson 4 shines a light on the entire procedure, making it simple to apply to life forever.

With thousands upon thousands of reviews from over 140 nations worldwide, Shaw's 'Bug Free Mind' series is a proven success. "Not once has any individual returned to me to say my procedure made no difference to their lives, so why not take advantage of a complimentary download and see exactly what a difference a brand-new outlook can make?" Shaw continued.

Shaw's 'Saltori Starter Kit' is readily available to download for free from Shaw's personal advancement site for structured thinking,

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