Sufian H.A Announces the Successful Launch of Project: Storytellers

01 Sep

Washington, D.C — 09/01/2016 - Everyone has their own unique story to tell, but how can one give each individual the opportunity to use their voice to inspire others - reminding them that they are not alone in life's struggles and endeavors. Sufian H.A, a well-skilled Filmmaker, and Photographer has created a unique way of doing this using photography. And it can be seen in his latest and soon to be released Project, Storytellers

The project is mainly centered on the public as each of them was willing to share their voices, vision and struggle with the rest of the world. Being interviewed, the photographed individuals share their stories through a brief but powerful text. The collection of the photographs of these random individuals provides an inspiring and insightful look into their unique and authentic lives, journeys and stories.

What inspires you everyday ma'am? "My family are my inspiration" one of the participants replied

What about you man? "I don't know? It's been very hard lately. I've been looking for a job so that I can start making money" a man explained

What kind of a job are you looking for? "Honestly, anything at this point." He added

About Sufian H.A
Currently a student of The American University School of Communication, studying Film and Media arts and Marketing. Sufian H. A is a profound Filmmaker, Photographer, and a Humanitarian. Although he has featured some documentary, he is also into fiction filmmaking and photography.

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