Summer, Let’s Go Out with Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing kids scooters

05 Sep

05, September 2016: The air is heating up gradually and environment degradation eliminates the sound of season. The warming is chasing the step of winter without any stop. We even jump into the hot hug of summer immediately. Environmental degradation brings decreased seasonal changes and environment protection calls for us to work together. The environmentally friendly and easily carryable Airwheel intelligent power scooter will travel greenly with you.

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Global warming clears the climate change, with the decreased seasonal difference and the increased diurnal temperature. The huge changes of temperature make us confused which season are we in. Environmental problems obsess us all the time. However, if we want to truly tackle the global warming and haze problem, we have to depend on new energy. Airwheelintelligent power scooter devotes itself to developingecotypevehicle for years. It is super easy to carry, fashionable and safe and with a low consumption. It is the newest vehicle in the 21th century.


As the pace of modern life is getting faster, there are less people who ride bikes to work. But bike is quite an environmentally-friendly vehicle that will never be outdated. Airwheel’s invention of electric scooter is to make up for the deficiency of bikes. Airwheel is the pioneer in this industry. Due to its high quality and low price, Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter enjoys a good reputation among scooter users. Airwheel always promotes environment protection and green traveling concept. Being environmentally friendly, low carbon, green and healthy, Airwheel is suitable for short to long distance office workers and students.


Airwheel is built in unique high-tech chip, adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, and realized self-balancing in the front and back direction. Just changing the body direction, users can operate the self-balancing electric scooter easily. It is easy to control and learn, and is the best option for electric unicycle lovers. Also, it can be used as certain daily entertainment, which is pleasing to eyes, has various functions, and creates new era fashion for trendsetters.


Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter condensates the power of science, and devotes itself to environment protection. Protecting the environment is protecting ourselves. Optimizing our living condition cannot just depend on a slogan; instead, it depends on human beings to work together.

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