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23 Sep

23, September 2016: Cooking is one of the easiest things and no thanks to relatively busy schedules; people are increasingly embracing the unhealthy eating options of consuming junk foods. SuppertimeChef has however turned the table around for the better with the introduction of an app-based live cooking show that allows anyone with a compatible smart device learn how to cook and even get delivery of healthy fruits and groceries.

SuppertimeChef can be described as the ultimate meal solution, featuring grocery deliveries and daily love cooking shows that can be viewed on the go. The app is available to users of smart devices running on the Android, Windows and iOS operating software, available for download from their respective app stores. It gets better with the app as it is available for free.

The daily cooking show is featured live on Facebook, with the best of chefs on hand to guide viewers through the art of making delicious and healthy meals. While some of the talented chefs featured on the show are cooks in different five-star restaurants across LA, others have appeared on competitive TV shows like Chopped, Food Network, Hells Kitchen and Master Chef. Viewers are therefore guaranteed of learning from the best in the industry.

In addition to teaching culinary skills to viewers, SuppertimeChef also offers an amazing service of same day delivery of an order of 10 bags of locally grown fresh organic vegetables and fruits, organic poultry, gluten-free pasta, dressings, and a beverage for every meal for just $40.00, just perfect for dinner for 2. The service is based on a subscription with same time weekly delivery guaranteed.

The chef featured on the show, dishes out cooking instructions on how to make the best use of the delivered food items to ensure an amazing dining experience for at least 2 people.

The app developer, Candance Hancock, was inspired to create this amazing platform after wanting to treat her children to an amazing 5-star dining experience every day without having to drive out every night, and the idea of bringing the restaurant and chef to lovers of delicious and healthy meals was born in SuppertimeChef.

About SuppertimeChef:

SuppertimeChef is an idea borne out of the desire by a loving mother to treat her children to the best of dining experience every day, without leaving the comfort of her home. The platform is created to help lovers of good food enjoy healthy and delicious meals by teaching them culinary skills delivered by top class chefs, and delivering groceries to make the meal preparation come through.

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