Supreme Squeeze Launches Second Product on Amazon with Unique Therapy Ball 3-Pack

17 Feb

Sanford, NC — Feb 17, 2016 — Eric Currey, spokesperson for Supreme Squeeze, announced that the health and fitness firm has released its second product on Amazon. The company’s newest offering is The Supreme Squeeze Massage Therapy Ball Pack which consists of three varying types of massage balls. The pack has 1 x Hard Lacrosse Massage Ball, 1 Soft Porcupine Massage Ball and 1 Hard Porcupine Massage Ball.

Massage Balls  are a fast and effective way to provide instant relief on stressed and tight muscles. Other benefits include increased blood flow, flexibility and muscle recovery. The team at Supreme Squeeze are excited to see how the product is received in market with the soft launch receiving 5 star reviews!

All customers gain access to online massage therapy ball tips and exercises, including instructions on how to use the ball on your neck, shoulders, back, forearms, glutes, abductors, calves and even your feet for the best results! Eric explains that Supreme Squeeze wants to provide not just a quality product, but a quality experience through customer service and information.

The massage balls are a beneficial tool for those with osteoarthritis and people who have experienced an injury or undergone surgery. They can be employed for multiple uses, from the practice of reflexology to providing a relaxing massage for tired hands. They’re appropriate for home and clinical use.

The three-pack of therapy balls by Supreme Squeeze is offered exclusively on Amazon and is now available to the public, providing consumers around the world with access to a cost effective means of relieving pain and knots with ease.
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