Supreme Squeeze Names Top 7 Benefits of Improving Grip Strength

18 Sep

Sept. 18, 2015 Sanford, NC — Grip strength is essential for performing a variety of tasks and Supreme Squeeze has released its Top 7 benefits acquired by using hand grippers. The company’s unique hand grippers offer a full 66 lbs. of resistance for a more effective method of obtaining or maintaining grip strength.

Supreme Squeeze co-founder, Nathan Brandes, noted that grip strength is a function that’s taken for granted until it begins to wane. The ability to grip items is used multiple times each day and many don’t realize they’ve lost strength until they’re unable to perform previously simple tasks such as opening a jar lid.

Supreme Squeeze’s Top 7 Benefits of using a Grip Strengthener includes:

1.    Builds strength in the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms
2.    Increases muscle endurance
3.    Helps prevent injuries
4.    Aids in regaining strength should an injury occur
5.    Maintains mobility and flexibility
6.    Sessions of as little as three minutes provide benefits
7.    Effective for those with joint, muscle, tendon and neurological conditions

Muscle strength begins to decline in middle age, but it happens slowly making the early signs difficult to identify. From housewives and musicians to athletes, the ability to manipulate objects in the environment begins with a firm grip. Strength is essential for lifting, carrying and pulling. People employ grip strength to pick up a spoon, play an instrument or thread a needle.

A variety of scientific studies have been conducted on grip strength and how it relates to the body as a whole. A correlation with grip strength has been linked to mental clarity and cognitive function, along with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attack.

Designed with foam grips for extra comfort and ease of use, the company’s hand grippers offer a convenient and cost-effective means of getting a grip on hand, wrist and arm strength. The company’s hand grippers come in sets of two and each purchase is accompanied by bonus training tips and workouts.

The release of the company’s Top 7 benefits of utilizing hand grippers provides compelling reasons for beginning a strengthening routine. Supreme Squeeze hand grippers offer an easy way to maintain current grip strength and improve a grip that’s declining. Strength can be improved in as little as three minute sessions and the company’s hand grippers are small and compact for easy portability.
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