Surefire Gun Safes is puts all Mesa Safes on Sale

16 Aug

Guns are hunting tools and investments and a primary target for burglars. They also don’t hold up well in a house fire

Protect your First Amendment rights with a fire-resistant and burglar-resistant gun safe. You’ll sleep better at night and fell a whole lot better when you’re not home, knowing your guns are behind the maximum security you can get.

Getting that protection is now easier. Surefire Gun Safes,, is having an August sale on Mesa brand safes.

“Mesa Safes are built tough. I would not let them in the store if I didn’t believe in their quality,” said Surefire General manager Bob Stephens. “Many of our customers have bought a Mesa safe and come back to thank us. Now that’s what I call bona fide security.”

Surefire and Mesa combined to put these safes on sale for August to prove the quality and, mostly, to get more gun owners in the habit of protecting their guns. Far too many gun owners put their guns under the bed, in a closet or in a wooden gun cabinet with a giant glass sheet in the door.

“Sure, those gun cabinets look nice. But take a close look. How hard is going to be to break into one? A few seconds maybe? Now compare that protection to a gun safe,” Mr. Stephens said. “Which provides better protection?”

A Mesa safe is all-steel construction with a solid combination lock that keeps unwanted visitors out or an electronic lock. Many of the combination dials also come with a key lock for even more security. Gun capacity and fire resistance rating vary depending on the model of safe purchased. Most come with adjustable shelves for storing gun accessories, ammunition and handguns.

“Prices for select models of Mesa safes have never been lower than they are this month. Look around and compare, you cannot beat these prices!” Mr. Stephens said.

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Bob Stephens
Surefire Gun Safes
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