Businesses run by self employed people have existed almost since the dawn of time.The U.K. has always been an area in which there were a high proportion of self employed, and even Napoleon referred to Britain as a nation of shop keepers. This meant that most people at that time, and even long after that, worked out of business premises, and relied on this as a means of making a living.

All this has changed,and in the last decade in particular, owning a retail unit, is not the only way of trading.

The increasing influence of the internet,and the major search engines like Google, MSN and yahoo have totally altered the face of many companies. Some firms still use a shop,an industrial unit,and so on as the main centre of their business,but at the same time use a website to also promote their products. Others no longer even require anything except a website to advertise their business and the goods or services they provide.

There are now many millions of websites throughout the world adding to the wealth of companies,ranging from very small businesses to major international concerns.

A website by itself is useless unless it gains prominence on Google,and this has lead to a growth in SEO, otherwise search engine optimisation, which is a process that maximizes the content of websites in order that they appear on the first pages of the search engines.

The importance of search engine optimisation for the success of businesses,has greatly increased the need for SEO services, and an SEO company has become a necessity for many who want to take their business to it’s full potential.

Until recently, SEO was achieved by the SEO company writing articles,blogs and press releases,and these methods often helped websites reach high rankings on the internet.Now SEO has moved on,and these practices are no longer sufficient for sites to rank well.

Surveys carried out by internet marketing professionals reveal that social media is now one of the most important aspects in search engine optimisation.It is now essential for companies to appear popular in the eyes of Google,and the other smaller search engines,making it imperative for all businesses to make use of Twitter and Facebook,and to cultivate popularity with these vast social media sites.

Those with more followers on Twitter,and more likes on Facebook,for example,are much more likely to see their websites on the first page of Google. SEO experts are now absolutely certain,as the surveys prove that now and for the foreseeable future social shares are the way forward for any business wishing to make large profits.

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