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Ugg boots loved by stars

15 Oct

first of all welcome for your stay here, today I want to introduce a wholesale to you, once I find it, I have attractive by it, there have so many cheap by high quality shoes, jerseys and also handbags, I think for women it’s a really good place to choose something from there. Only you […]

How to distinguish the authenticity of ugg boots

14 Oct

In fact there are many methods and experiences to discriminate the authenticity of ugg boots, here are some lessons learned for the buyer: Firstly, regarding the identification of sheepskin or wool, the simplest way is to smell the taste. Pure wool ugg are divided into straight hair and surly, it looks smooth and have very […]

The newest item of ugg boots

12 Oct

In the cold autumn and winter, the warm ugg is always the favorite single items for the lovely girls who are pursuit of fashions. As the autumn is coming, the launch of new ugg boots and its accessories of this autumn and winter are already on show. This entire make the lovely girl could not […]