In fact there are many methods and experiences to discriminate the authenticity of ugg boots, here are some lessons learned for the buyer:
Firstly, regarding the identification of sheepskin or wool, the simplest way is to smell the taste. Pure wool ugg are divided into straight hair and surly, it looks smooth and have very good feeling which is very soft and comfortable. If the outer surface use by sheepskin, it will look a bit plush and when you sweep it to one side then you will have different hair felling. Get a bit of wool to burned down; there will be the taste of burning fur. On the contrary, if it is tasteless or plastic taste, it is surely a plush man-made fiber. Addition that ugg is one fur material, so when you wear it may have a small amount of hair removal, this is a normal phenomenon just like human’s hair will fall, but do not worry about it won’tfall off a large item.
Secondly: ugg the square label behind the Heel, there have a square label behind the ugg’s heel. It may texture of nylon or metal. You can easily find it in the picture of trade descriptions. The quality between the two categories is not much difference, but in texture the metal type is slightly better that the nylon types. In fact this is only the basic division of Model grade, in my years of experience to judge, the metal plate of the probability of counterfeit shoes is very low, once I see the metal plate of the ugg I will buy it, while the nylon is necessary to pay attention to some of the standard.
With the ugg become more and more popular in the world, there are more and more counterfeit goods. Then we found more and more methods of identification the ugg, here are more e newly method of identifying ugg boots where you can find the latest ugg news.

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