Tamed Lawn Care Opens Up Shop with Fun Promotions

29 Mar

Telford; 3/29/2014: Tamed Lawn Care announces the launch of their business in the Lansdale, PA area. To build their reputation and client list they are going to dedicate their first year in business to getting the word out with fun promotions. Besides the fact that they have brand new equipment and a brand new trailer (which looks great while working on a client’s lawn), they want their community to know that they are all about fun. 

Sergio Kuik, Operator of Tamed Lawn Care says of their launch, “We want to set ourselves apart from the get-go. It takes a lot to build a business and we want to be in your face in a fun way. Customer service is very important to us and we want to show our community that we are thoughtful, fun and thorough.” They will be giving away $50 restaurant gift cards and other exciting gifts, starting with a flyer campaign that will be full of surprises. Their new website (http://www.tamedlawn.com) has all the information about Tamed Lawn Care services. They have invested in a series of fun videos that show their personality and describe their services like core aeration, mulch lying, and of course complete lawn restoration. Along with this they also provide Thatch removal and lawn cleanup services. 

It is important to contact a professional for the lawn maintenance service. One cannot expect to take care of the lawn on their own as it requires looking after different kinds of plants present in the lawn. The professionals help in giving a beautiful look t the lawn and removing the extra weed that might have grown up in the lawn. Landscaping requires proper planning and only an expert can plan it out. They have modern equipment that are used in mowing the lawn and make it look beautiful. The cost of the lawn mowing service depends on the size of the lawn and one should go for a cost effective treatment that is provided by an experienced company. One of those services is mulch garden beds are installed that helps in making the property look presentable and increases the value of the property. 

To have healthy and beautiful plants one should try out the Core aeration service. In this service the focus is on creating the growth pockets that help in decompressing the soil and making the roots stronger. Aeration is required in all types of lawns as it is considered to be one of the most important aspects of lawn maintenance service as it removes the dirt from the lawn and removes the heavy clay from the soil. Along with this service the thatch removal can also be considered to be effective. When there is an unwanted growth of roots, stems or grass. Then thatch removal service can be used to remove unwanted vegetation from the soil without affecting the plant. 

About Tamed Lawn: 

Website: http://www.tamedlawn.com/ 

Tamed Lawn is a company that provides lawn care services and helps in getting beautiful look for the lawn. They are professionals in this service and can take care of lawns of different sizes.