TANGSELONE.com Talks About Empowering Young Writers

08 Mar

Popular news forum - TANGSELONE.com’s team recently discussed how they are planning to empower the young writers. TANGSELONE.com is a part of their plan, as TANGSELONE.com is a website where young (as well as experienced journalists) would get a chance to practice as well as a great opportunity to publish their work on a worldwide known platform - TANGSELONE.com.

“We are planning something big for the Indonesian writers, we want to empower them and want to indirectly train them to be world-class writers. When you go to TANGSELONE.com, you may think that TANGSELONE.com is like just another news forum, but that is not true; because we have a team of highly experienced writers and we help young writers by correcting their mistakes and then by publishing their news articles on our website. Thus, TANGSELONE.com is different and here to make a difference”, stated the spokesperson of TANGSELONE.com.

The best thing about TANGSELONE.com is that it accepts articles on a vast variety of subjects like Culture, Fashion, Family, Shopping, Travel, Business info, Public Info, Community, Food & Lifestyle, Events, Property, Celebrities, Politics, Economic situation, Corruption, and other subjects. So, the young writers can select the subject of their choice and easily get it published on TANGSELONE.com.

While sharing the aim of Tangsel News , the spokesperson stated: “People ask us, why have we established this forum? And why are we investing our precious time in empowering young writers? We tell them that our young writers are our future, they are an asset for our country and this is why we want to invest our time to help them polish their skills. And as far as this forum is concerned, it is established mainly to showcase the amazing work of our talented writers and build confidence in them”.

By now, TANGSELONE.com has successfully helped several young writers. TANGSELONE.com regularly publishes well-written articles by young writers, and the great thing is that the articles are receiving an amazing response from the readers.

For more details about TANGSELONE.com and for latest news & updates, please visit http://www.tangselone.com/


TANGSELONE.com is a newly launched forum that publishes latest stories and news from across the world, especially Indonesia. TANGSELONE.com publishes content on a variety of subjects. Some of the recently published news articles include: Maintaining the diversity Through Language and Literature, Socio-political self-criticism Through Poetry, Pidie District Overcome Floods, Storytelling Has Important Role for Child Development Growth and several more.

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