Tellavista, the most convenient booking service for apartments in Tel Aviv and vacation rentals, has now expanded their services to include New York and Berlin. Travelers can now easily search through a variety of options to find apartments that offer the comfort of home in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Berlin, New York, and Lisbon.

Tellavista has expanded to New York and Berlin in order to offer travelers an affordable choice for their accommodations. New apartments in New York and Berlin are added every day, expanding the variety of rentals for travelers to choose from. Tellavista will soon expand to additional cities around the world in order to offer selections in Rome, Paris, and many more.
New York has thousands of places to explore, including museums, monuments, and theaters. The city embodies culture, entertainment and diversity. Make yourself at home in an apartment in the city!Apartment and vacation rentals are much more affordable than hotel stays, especially in big cities such as New York and Berlin! They are also better equipped and more comfortable for any length of time, with amenities such as laundry facilities, parking, and balconies.

The sophisticated Tellavista website now has an improved website interface that provides great user experience. Travelers will easily be able to customize their search in order to find comfortable, stylish and affordable apartments and vacation rentals within their price range & dates.

Tellavista provides all of the information a traveler may need to choose their perfect place to stay near prime locations. The website offers pictures, online reviews, and apartments by area, with apartment descriptions to make the choice easier. Tellavista does this by using new search technology that allows them to scan thousands of locations in your preferred destination to deliver great results to you.

When compared to other apartment and vacation rental sites, Tellavista is easier to use in order to find the perfect apartment for your stay. Results can be filtered by location, date, desired amenities, price, neighborhood, and more. With just a few clicks, travelers can find their ideal rental to make their travel arrangements with ease.

Tellavista is a multi-language website, which also is present on facebook, twitter and google plus! Follow them in order to hear about upcoming activities and to receive the latest listings and specials, right in the cities that you want to visit. Their new blog offers travel suggestions in some of their highlighted cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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