Test Riding Experience of Electric Skateboard Brand Airwheel M3 on CES

25 Jan

25, January 2016: CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show, is the showcase of cutting-edge electronic products from all over the world. I, as a guest, have attended this show in recent. There were too many well-known electronic brands and what impressed me deeply were Airwheel electric scooters, especially M3 electric skateboard. Here, I would like to share my personal test riding experience with more people. After all, good product must bring benefit to all people.


In my spare time, I am a skateboarding enthusiast and I was attracted by Airwheel M3 electric skateboard in the very first sight. It has so smooth figure line that is handcrafted by world-famous designer. It is made from high-quality material, which ensures good endurance. The equipped 2.4G wireless remote control is a magical innovation and it enjoys 10m effective distance. Then, locking and unlocking can be easily finished by the remote control.


When I was standing on the board, the staff there told me that I could slightly lean forward to make M3 skateboard advance automatically. It did work. If I wanted to brake, I could lean backward. In the meantime, the feeling of standing on M3 skateboard was so stable and safe. It seems as if I don’t need to worry about my safety.

The test riding field on the CES was flat and thus I didn’t try the riding experience on bumpy roads. The staff there told me that skateboarding on bumpy roads is also smooth because of high-elastic damping masses that can absorb vibrations. After the CES, I bought an Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard and had a test on gravel road near my house. Truly, I almost couldn’t feel any bumps. Besides, fully-charged M3 skateboard is able to support me to ride for about 23km without interruption. That means I can ride it to do a lot, such as going to work and buying something in food market.

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