Balcony or inside cabin? Small ship or big ship? Award-winning travel journalist Ralph Grizzle offers Six Tips For Smooth Sailing.

Asheville, NC, February 15, 2010 -- It's one thing to get a great deal, but it's another to budget so tightly that you extract any possibility for pleasure on your cruise. Yes, inside cabins are cheaper than balcony cabins, but balcony cabins can be much more rewarding.

Of course, only you can know how much moolah you're willing to part with for the best possible cruise vacation. So balance your budget against these recommendations. No one is asking that you break the bank, but don't squeeze the nickel so hard that you choke the buffalo. How to get the most from your cruise?

Award-winning travel journalist gives his opinion at His article, "Six Tips To Extract More Joy From Your Cruise (" tackles this issue from the perspective of a journalist who has sailed on more than 200 cruises and written more than 1,500 articles about cruising on his blog.

One of Grizzle’s tips: Balcony Cabins Are Best. "You've heard the argument time and again that as you're only sleeping there, inside cabins are a better value," Grizzle writes. "Perhaps, but if you enjoy a room with a view, book a balcony. From my balcony, I have watched the sun paint pastel on the morning sky during the three-hour transit of Stockholm's archipelago. On another morning, I dined on coffee and croissants as our ship glided past a captivating landscape to Kotor. I've pulled back the curtains to gaze on glaciers in Alaska and admire the fjords of Norway. Don't be penny-wise and pound foolish. You only get one shot at seeing some of the world's marvels. Book a balcony and step outside for a breath of fresh air and a view that will last a lifetime."

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