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Sherry was translated from the Spanish word Jerez. In Spain, sherry should be called Jerez. Sharing the same rule with other brand European wines obtained their names, it also named after its place of production. Jerez located in a small town on the southern coast of Spain. The soil near the town is rich in calcareous, so it suitable for the growth of a kind of grape called Palomine, this is right the raw material for sherry.

Sherry was once likened as the Spanish sunshine in the bottle by Shakespeare. So, we can feel the enjoyment it provides us just like the sunshine has brought to us. However, without the flor, sherry would be a common one. In the south of Spain, there is a place called Andalucía, which faces the Cardiz Bay is right the place where sherry is produced.

To produce sherry, the major material is palomino, and other two breeds are muscatel and Gordo Blanco and Pedro Ximenez which is used to produce rum, its richness in natural sugar make the wine dark, thick and sweet.

There are two kinds of categories of sherry, and the way to make classification depends on whether there is florescence or not during the brewing process. The florescence refers to during the brewing process; there will be a layer of albuginea on the surface of wine. And with the albuginea on the surface is called Fino, it tastes not very sweet, but fresh, so it is a good aperitif before meal. Besides, without the florescence is without the albuginea on the surface of wine is called Oloroso, it tastes sweet and not high in alcohol content (usually the common wine is 12% to 15%), it usually took after the meal.

In addition, sherry can also be subdivided into five classifications. They are: Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso and Cream. Fino is sweet less, it employs the palomino to manufacture, it looks like the pale yellow of wheat, and it tastes light hot. And the alcoholic strength is about 15.5 degree. Manzanilla is also sweet less. It is also a kind of Fino which is produced on the coast in Sanlucar. Because of the salt and moisture, it is more delicate. Amontillado is with little sweet. It is a mature Fino; it has the color of amber, and tastes with the flavor of almond. And its alcoholic strength is 17degree. Oloroso is sweet, it has the special flavor, and the alcoholic strength is about 18 to 20 degree. The sweet cream sherry is made on the basis of this wine. And Cream is sweet. It is made by the dried Pedro Ximenez. Mixing PX sherry and Oloroso sherry together, then the Cream sherry would be made.

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