The classic self-balancing one wheel electric scooters in Airwheel

28 Jan

28, January 2016: It has been widely acknowledged that Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is a global innovation oriented enterprise, with the long-term commitment to intelligent travel vehicles, which holds much market share and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. This time, the classic self-balancing electric scooters will be introduced including the Airwheel X8, Q1 and S5, in order to facilitate your choice of which types of self-balancing electric scooters suit you best.


The first is the Airwheel X8 singled-wheeled electric scooter conforming to the human engineering, with the 16 inch wheel design for better SUV performance. The body design of Airwheel X8 is flat and the model-ling belongs to the tough style. The most worthy trait is the radian of the concave side of the scooter body, to make the legs more comfortable even when there is no anti-collision strip. The longer time you ride Airwheel X8, the more enjoyable riding experience will be.

The next one is the Airwheel Q1 twin-wheeled electric scooter, designed for girls who want to enjoy the agility of the electric scooter. 12 inch wheels and compact body of Q1 makes the weight only 10.6kg. For girls, it is very lightweight and easy to carry. And in the exterior design, Q1 is given priority to white body, simple lines, coupled with the cute color, which absolutely can let girls more adorable.


Off-road Airwheel S5 two wheeled self-balancing electric scooter is featured by the 16 inch wheels which is mainly researched and designed for outdoor off-road production. What’s more, its tires not only has larger hub and unique tire tread enables S5 to grasp better and have better drainage, so that is can be ridden on gravel, slopes and many other road conditions.Almost every classic model of Airwheelis based on the use of consumer experience as a starting point, and in turn, this makes them classics.

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