The development road for Airwheel mini mobility electric scooter for adults

11 Jan

11, January 2016: Despite of heated debates all over world about the self-balancing electric scooters that lead to serious accidents, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is still well received among purchasers. For the right of way and safety issues of the electric scooter, it will be slowly resolved with the passage of time, the expansion of the market and the government's attention. Any new products, the popularity of the process will not be plain sailing. There is no exception to Airwheel, one of the leaders in the intelligent and green transport field.


Airwheel Technology was initiated by a group of pioneers who took constant adventure to reshape the world with edged technology in 2004. With a global view, the U.S.-based enterprise started to build since its establishment R&D centre located in L.A. Airwheel electric scooter is keen to exchange opinions and share its fruitful achievements with customers in a simple manner. It is Airwheel’s unyielding aim to satisfy and exceed customers’ anticipation.

Airwheel intelligent electric scooter believes that trust is a pleasure worth passing down via every customer, which in turn challenges us to give genuine responses every day. Airwheel has built long-term partnership with tech titans like SONY, Panasonic, Google and Qualcomm. A strong tie with premium business partners will not only bring win-win scenarios, but also create products that are more reliable for customers.


Airwheel, with the premium quality, has not experienced the ups and downs in the self-balancing electric scooter industry. However, the safety issues of the electric scooter have exerted a great influence on overall sector. The loyal Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter fans will continue to support it, however, the accidents brought by shoddy battery and chargers make others feel fear of disturbance in the rear. Just we have mentioned, it will be slowly resolved with the passage of time, the expansion of the market and the government's attention.

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