‘The Dr. Oz Show’ Tells What Make Nail Salons Unhealthy

16 Sep

Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s nail care system

The HealthyWiser personal nail care kit provides a way for customers to leave nail salons and do their treatments at home. Dr. Mehmet Oz said that nail salons can be unsafe for customers. This article discusses why.

In a report on his official website “The Dr. Oz Show," the celebrity physician said that nail salons can have "hidden dangers." The salons can be vulnerable to fungi and bacteria. These can harm the health of their customers.

“In general, a nail salon needs two types of licenses to operate: one for the business and one for each nail technician. The minimum amount of hours required to sit for the nail technician licensing exam varies from state to state,” the website stated.

The Dr. Oz Show website added, “Basically, this means the nail industry has no industry standard concerning nail salons’ and nail technicians’ rules and regulations. Because of the lack of national standards, it is up to the consumer to be alert to the hidden dangers, such as exposure to fungus and staph, lurking in nail salons.”

This only makes HealthyWiser’s professional nail care system an option to have safer nail treatments.

The HealthyWiser professional nail care system

The HealthyWiser personal nail care kit is provided to keep fingernails and toenails healthy. The professional nail care system includes a free toe spacer and nail cutter for nail filing, buffing and shining. The product also provides better nail bed circulation.

“I love this product! When I received this I was [really] excited to try it out. It works on my nails so much faster and with less energy than my old nail files. This is a great tool to use for the home manicure. As a person who would bite their nails -- when I was stressed -- it has left my nails in pretty bad shape. I love this concept as I am trying to get my natural nails back in good condition. This works great,” a customer wrote on Amazon.

About the company

As a rising brand in the field of cosmetics and nutritional product manufacturing, HealthyWiser has evenly made a statement with their products. The products that are distributed in the United States are considered by specialists as some of the best alternatives for consumers. For more information about HealthyWiser’s personal nail care kit, visit their Amazon page and read some customer reviews.
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