(Submit Articles) As experts would tell you, the fastest way to a great sale is focusing on the customers you already have. You do not need to convince them too much of your value or that of your product or service because they already know you and what you can do for them.

As they say, it is more expensive to market to new clients, more than the old. With the old ones, you just need to keep them happy and updated on your latest offers and they would always go back to you for repeat purchases.

So let’s just say that you are thinking of having posters printed for your forthcoming sale. How can you get print posters that can effectively market to your old customers? Do you need to rely on a professional printing company to do it for you? Should you go for an online printing company or a traditional one?

To help you create posters that are able to market to your existing clients, here are smart ideas you can apply to your poster printing.

a. Know your target market. Whether you are attracting new customers or the existing ones, it is never too old an idea to get to know your target market. For the existing ones, get to know them better. This means that before you design your print poster, be sure to get all the information you need from your customers. What items did they purchase before? What kind? How much and how many? In what frequency? Also get data on customer income, buying power, their gender, and other demographics that will help you further customize your poster so that it would be something that they would gladly read.

From all the information you culled from your research, you can then design your print poster into a campaign that can provide your existing customers with discounts and freebies that they usually buy from your shelves. You can then encourage old-timers to visit your shop again. You can also tie up your bestseller with items that are not on the hot list. This way you are able to move items that are otherwise left to rot in your shop.

b. Take that extra step. And do something more for your existing clients. Give them something extra in your posters. Entice them with promos and freebies to get them to visit your store again. With promos such as a free item for the first 10 customers, you will be able to attract people to check out your offer.

c. Walk the talk. Deliver what you have promised. Don’tpromise anything just to make your print posters more attractive to clients. Whatever it is you put in your poster, you should be able to fulfill it. Because once your clients realize that they are not getting what have been printed on paper, they would not only steer clear of your store, but they will also tell the others of what you’ve done (or have not done). Remember that for every good news, people tend to tell 5 more about it. But for the bad news, the number gets doubled and tripled. So don’tlet a bad promise turn off customers who were once satisfied with your service. It’s easy to be popular; but it’s doubly easier to get a bad reputation on a promise that was never delivered.

d. Be creative. Having to market to old customers does not mean that you forego the basic principle of design ““ to make your poster’s design creative. Even the old ones can’tpossibly be attracted to what you have to offer them if you give them drab and boring posters. Always remember to design your poster in such a way that it would attract the attention of your target audience. Choose your elements carefully and provide your customers with a poster that they would remember your message.

Although everything here sounds like a lot of work, it’s not that hard actually. Just make sure you get everything right and gather all the things you need about your customers, and you can make an easy job of creating posters that can effectively promote to your present clients.

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