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Contemporary feel for UK homes thanks to Art2Arts stock list

Hampshire, United Kingdom, November 24th, 2010 ““ The UK’s most successful bespoke online art company, Art2Arts (www.art2arts.co.uk) is stocking an outstanding range of modern abstract art over the festive period. The company, which bases its business model on the idea that people deserve access to the best quality original art from the comfort of their own homes, has gone from strength to strength this year with, among other initiatives, the addition of an art commissioning service that can be booked right on the site. The commissioning service allows customers to go one step further in their search for completely original art pieces ““ while all art on the site is one of a kind, and will never be repeated or reproduced; the commissioned stuff is of course designed and painted according to personal briefs created by the customer.

Art2Arts is also gaining a pretty heavy reputation in the traditional art world (i.e. the world of galleries and auctions) as a very handy judge of art works’ quality and value. The modern abstract art on the site is guaranteed to have been created specifically for the site as one off pieces. Art2Arts (www.art2arts.co.uk/abstract-art/cat_41.html) never sells reproductions or identical copies: every piece of abstract art on the menu is fresh and original.

Home owners looking for something unique and a little different to decorate their walls with can find rich pickings on the Art2Arts site. All of the art sold on site can be searched for by colour, size and type as well as by painter or price: which means that, whatever your criterion, the perfect piece to match is waiting for you somewhere inside. With all modern abstract art completely guaranteed, Art2Arts is offering the freshest online art service around.

About Art2Arts

Art2Arts is a UK based original art dealer excelling in providing a varied collection of modern art, contemporary art, landscapes, animal paintings and cityscapes.

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