If you are a music lover, then you will appreciate how listening to classic hits of blues, emo or indie songs from your own collection is amazing. It makes you feel great when you pull out a copy of an authentic music video and play it for your guests. What you have acquired over the years says quite a lot about you. You can tell a story by just looking at what you own as each piece of music represents a certain point in time in your life.

Can you say that your collection of music shapes your attitude and outlook towards life? Not much can be said about that for sure. But what is certain is that your own acquisition gives you a sense of joy and pride. Just peering over it gives you an unexplained feeling of satisfaction. You simply know that is all yours. This is great especially when you share it with the people you love. Imagine spending a quiet evening watching music videos you bought over the years with your wife or loved one? The feeling is amazing, more so if they enjoyed it as well. You are proud that what means so much to you can bless someone else as well.

Owning a good collection of authentic music gives you a great time when listening to it. The high quality of the folk, alternative, emo or indie songs can not be compared with anything. The sound definition of the music is excellent. This is one of the benefits of owning your own music. You enjoy it as it was produced. The pain and frustration of straining to hear through copied and scratched music is avoided. Having your original music allows you to make your own copies. This is only allowed if you intend to use it personally and not for sale. You can compile a copy of your best songs and listen when driving.

A good collection of music is like treasure. You will agree that not many people are allowed to touch and meddle with the music you have acquired over the years. If you are lucky, some of the original music you bought many years ago could be worth quite a fortune presently. Equally, if you liked certain music and failed to buy it then, you will be surprised that it is quite difficult to lay your hands on it today. However, with your own collection of blues, emo, indie, alternative or folk songs classics, you will not have to worry of such inconveniences. If it is possible, make it a habit to buy what you like. You never know what will happen in the future. Can I hear you say Michael Jackson?

Finally, your own collection of authentic music helps support the music industry. You will be proud to know that by buying a copy of your favorite music videos, blues, folk, emo or indie songs, you support the artists immensely. This is the only way to keep them doing what you love them to do!

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