(Submit Articles) More than three million automatic commercial exchange transactions

With the implementation of its digital certificates for commercial transactions, the World Trade System will emerge even more agile. These certificates permit automatic transactions by reciprocal recognition of stock values. This lends an immediate solution for associated companies wishing to sell their inventories and obtain raw materials, goods and services in real time on a global scale.

Likewise, Scinet shall distribute these new digital certificates in developing zones in conjunction with its assembly plants, which are being set up in eleven countries for manufacturing production mini-plants in mobile containers. These portable plants are fully equipped to begin an immediate supply of goods and services of basic sustenance, such as water, bread, dairy products, dehydrated food, sanitary assistance, etc.

With these plants, Scinet can have these “Ëœchipless’ devices with RFID technology, including the digital exchange certificate, reach their intended general public. The receptors may be used immediately to acquire goods of any class manufactured in the company’s mini-plants.

Scinet Corporation has a committed worldwide network of 32 operating units (MDCO) securing real-time capacity to handle over four billion operations per second. The corporation likewise oversees the World Trade System with more than 60 million commercial references from 20 million companies in over 200 countries, with information on their production, inventories, prices and services.

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