(Submit Articles) In the early 20th century, with the invention of steam pressure coffee

machine, cappuccino was at the same time be produced. Cappuccino is a kind

of coffee that by adding the espresso and steam milk with foam. At this

point, the color of cappuccino likes the monk in the cappuccino church whose

coat is covered with a scarf. Thus cappuccino obtained its name. The

traditional cappuccino is made of one third espressos, one third steam milk

and one third o foam milk. The thick taste of espresso plus the smooth milk

made it a kind of coffee famous.

Cappuccino has a magic make us can't refuse to take it. At first, it tastes

very fragrant, and when you first drink it down, you can feel the sweet and

soft of the milk blister, and then you can feel the really bitterness of

coffee beans, and finally the taste would stay in your mouth; you would feel

a kind of savoury and mellow also stay in your mouth. A kind of coffee can

make you have various feeling, isn't magical? We can find that coffee is

just like our life, at first, it is full of bitterness and sour. And then

after that we can have a feeling of sweet of our life. So, that's why many

people like to describe our life as coffee, only after the tasting of

bitterness, can we cherish the sweet taste it brings to us.

People in Italy like drinking coffee. After the finding of that espresso can

mix with milk and the color likes the clothes that monk has worn. They named

it cappuccino. The earliest use of this word in English was in 1948. There

was once a report in San Francisco made an introduction of cappuccino. Only

after 1990, cappuccino has been a kind of drink that familiar with people.

It should be said that cappuccino gets its name from capuchin and cappucio.

The originator of the word cappuccino can't believe that one day that this

word would be a name for a kind of coffee.

It is also said that cappuccino has some relationship with a monkey. In

Africa, there is a kind of monkey, on the top of their brain; there is a

handful of pyramidal black hair, which likes the hat that those monks wear

in capuchin, so this kind of monkey are named capuchin. And the use of this

name was early in 1785 in UK. Hundreds of years later, capuchin is gradually

generated as a name for coffee and monkey which becomes a tidbit for those


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