“The Johnny Reed Show” CD Is A Rock Anomaly, During Which There Is No Eye To Follow.

13 Mar

Redondo Beach, California, March 16, 2014: Performing under made-up alter egos, (Evan Chuley on bass, Justin Case on guitar, and Mia Ana on drums) The Johnny Reed Show is the latest album by multi-instrumentalist Johnny Reed. Reed supplies all of the instrumentals, vocals, and engineering. The effort and sheer workload poured into the album puts Reed striving for the forefront of the DIY musician movement. 

The Johnny Reed Show

Intended to showcase his artistic talents and promote his new musical direction, the “Johnny Reed Show” is the latest in Johnny Reed’s artistic dedication. It is also a testament to his knack for storytelling and ability to engineer & produce a diverse set of instrumental arrangements. While each track is recognizable as Reed’s, each one takes its own avenue and possesses a one-of-a-kind sound. 

Recorded at the Music Room Studio in Redondo Beach, the ten tracks were sequenced as a complete album listening experience, from the Beatle-ish “Take Another Road”, to the ending track a Pink Floydi-sh “Its Gonna Be Alright”. The album’s artwork, illustrated by Reed himself, demonstrates his humor and gives you a hint of what’s going on inside the artist. Using classic instruments like a 1965 FenderTelecaster, 1965 Ludwig Drums & Takamine 12 string guitar, each of the song’s individual sounds come together perfectly to create a reflection of Reed’s propensity toward his unbounded artistic expressions. 

Currently in the process of recording a new album, the work of Johnny Reed can be found on his YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/JohnnyReedShow as well as on his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/thejohnnyreedshow For more information on his current endeavors, check out his his official artist web site at http://hollywood2you.tv/thejohnnyreedshow.html 

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