The number of Climaveneta units installed in Milan is still growing

monte16-milanThe refurbishment of the building located at 16, Monte Grappa Boulevard in Milan is a further step in the radical change taking place in recent years in Milan city center. The work began with the demolition of the original building, built in 1882, and continued with the construction of the new building in compliance with the existing urban constraints. Furthermore, the project makes great use of structural and mechanical system solutions to improve the energy performance thus reducing the environmental impact of the new building. It is based on two basement floors for garage, a ground floor for commercial use and several blocks from four to six floors, for a total of 25 apartments of different sizes and types.

The integration among the architectural components - structures, windows, doors and energy-efficient systems - is designed to ensure the best internal comfort, in terms of temperature and humidity, the environmental impact and energy cost reduction. The building is in class A Cened and has an energy requirement of 21.18 kWh / m².

The centralized heating, cooling and domestic hot water production is based on INTEGRA multi-purpose heat pumps by Climaveneta, connected to the geothermal probes. In detail they installed 2 ERACS2 WQ-2152 and 2 ERACS2-Q / SL-CA 2722 to guarantee optimal comfort and high energy efficiency throughout the year, without releasing any CO2 emissions into the environment.

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