The most ingenious one wheel electrical scooter of Airwheel—X8

19 Jan

19, January 2016: From the establishment of Airwheel on, it has pushed a myriad of electric scooters, some of them are hailed as the ultimate in the sector. Amongst these models, X-series exemplifies the lines of Airwheel whereas the electric scooter X8 is the most representative. The idea about the single-wheeled structure is evolved from the acrobat. The battery-powered device is equipped with the single-wheeled structure to its advantage. X8 is designed innovatively and exquisitely engineered. Even up to now, X8 is still the classic model in the eyes of highly skilled players.


Why is Airwheel single-wheeled self-balancing scooter X8 so prevalent? In terms of technique, the single-wheeled architecture enables X8 to scooter about more smoothly and turns around more naturally and nimbly. It can be said that Airwheel X8 is noted for its excellent agility. Especially when the rider comes to a bend or junction, X8 can easily turn without any hitch. Therefore, some highly players and veteran riders like it very much. Because they are experienced in riding electric self-balancing scooters, they can steer X8 like duck in water. With X8, it is easier and more likely for a rider to display his amazing and thrilling wheelie. Hence they tend to show off their excellent wheelie in the street, which usually attracts a lot of pedestrians.


Airwheel X8 is the brilliant device for showing off the rider’s skills of riding, but it is also a bit hard. Not all riders can steer it easily. If you are a beginner who had never been exposed to electric self-balancing scooter, it is indeed an effort to steer it and run it freely. As the saying goes that practice makes perfect, the ride of Airwheel X8 entails long-time practice. It is literally a challenge for the rider. Just on that account, the hardness to ride allures a lot of brave young men to challenge X8. In their eyes, X8 is more of a challenge than a vehicle.

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