(Submit Articles) Paul Smith wallet features designs that are suitable for both men and women. They are made from pure leather and are renowned for their characteristic decorative nature. It is common to encounter one that has a drawing of a vehicle, motorcycle etc. However, it is still possible to come across plainly colored designs. They are available in many colors though the most notable ones are black and brown. For instance, the male black one is such that it does not have any visible type of closing mechanism such as a button. The seams are joined together by white stitches and it's made from leather.

The Paul Smith wallet is known for having eight card slots and it has lined notes' compartment. The most outstanding features of this are the reinforced corners, as they have been reinforced using visible steel or golden metallic plates. The logo is often embossed on the bottom right corner and the style featured is the novel. Do not be surprised on encountering the women's design featuring the Union Jack on its entire top. The flag top is such that it is complimented by contrasting black interior and reinforced edges.

A Paul Smith wallet is best described as one that features color and other drawings in a certain blending pattern. This can be very clearly evidenced by the availability of multicolored interior designs. Others have drawings of bikers or even vehicles. From as low as $69 to as much as $315, you can easily purchase this product. They are categorized into coin, chest and credit card and their functions are just as the names suggest. Another design of this product is manufactured from mixed embossed colonial leather and it features a raised logo. In fact, the logo here is sewn into place and the wallet's either side features a slot pocket.

The origami design of this product only features smooth top stitching, but is also one that boasts of green top leather. The signature logo is externally embossed. This one has a capacity to hold up to six cards and each side has addition slots whose compartments are large enough to fit notes. The interior is shaped in an Origami style with the different compartments bearing contrasting colors. They are navy and mustard, and the lining is black moir. This one retails at $310. As mentioned earlier, color is the most outstanding feature of the products from this brand.

The Paul smith wallet is available in a number of designs besides also bearing various colors. Drawings have become the trademark. The Paul smith wallet also features an embossed logo, something to look out for when purchasing.

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