The Purpose Plan is a step-by-step process designed to help individuals uncover and discover their Overarching Purpose and Purpose Themes. For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, the process leads to understanding their best Natural Niches, products, services and ideal client profiles. Patricia Kelley of is creator of this breakthrough process and is now offering group and individual coaching and consulting, as well as Masterminds. Kelley is also Author of forthcoming book, How to Turn Life’s Lessons into Big Money Messages

Purpose Plan Workshops, Teleseminars and Keynotes are also available for businesses and organizations. Patty Kelley is quite simply one of the most effective and delightful inspirational speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time,”reports Rebecca Pratt, Chief of Production, (Ret) Newsweek Magazine

The Purpose Plan process helps individuals clearly see and understand the “Themes” running through their lives and how that translates into callings and missions at different stages of life. Patty is able to not only see the whole picture,”reports Dinny Lansdowne, Branding Expert and Founder of,“which may not even be visible to you yet — but also all of the moving parts and details.”

It’s not uncommon for people to have more than one very strong Purpose Theme running through their lives. The Purpose Plan process helps uncover these and illuminates how they fit strategically in life, relationships and business. “Finding one’s purpose is the source of much personal angst as more and more people are drawn to living a more meaningful, peaceful and abundant life,” said Kelley. She went on to clarify, “All the reports and talk of “changing times” has fueled the renewed seeking of millions of people wanting to live purposefullives.

People are seeking positive, life-affirming change. The Purpose Plan supports that positive first step of figuring out what direction best serves a life of authentic meaning for them.”

According to Kelley, “It is much easier to develop a successful business and associated wealth when it’s aligned with one’s purpose. The flow that comes with purposeful work is much easier and sustainable.”

Kelley’s expertise is in empowering others to step out of “who they are, into who they want to be” in a grounded, purposeful and inspired way. Barbara Beck, owner of Turning Point Coaching, offered this about Kelley’s abilities. Patty is a powerful combination of change-agent, bright intelligence, creative genius, motivator, inspiration and Spiritual guru all in one.” Beck is an expert Life and Relationship Coach, having coached hundreds of people. She goes on to say, “As a professional Life Coach and teacher myself, I know the value of having a deeply intuitive, compassionate, yet challenging force in my life.”    

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William F. Martin, M.D. of Seattle and Phoenix, AZ sums it up boldly, “Do not go to Ms. Kelley if you want to remain unchanged.  Once her empowering energy grabs you— you’re hooked!” 

ABOUT: Patricia M. Kelley is a BIG CHANGES Life and Biz Wholeness Coach, Speaker & Change Catalyst. She offers change-making coaching, Keynotes and workshops on The Purpose Plan; SOAR Beyond Recovery; How To Turn Life’s Lessons into Big Money Messages; When Change Knocks-Open the Door; and several other empowering subjects. She is also an experienced emcee, and hosts events and fundraisers.

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