(Submit Articles) To get affordable and even cheap brochure printing, you need to sacrifice a few things in the configuration of your color brochures. Nothing really ever is free, and getting savings on your color brochures will translate into many sacrifices in terms of the material and the design of the whole custom brochure. Let me give you some of the major sacrifices that you should be prepared to do if you really want cheap brochure printing.

a. The extra folds ““ If your color brochures have more than one fold, such as in the case with brochures using the Z fold, and Accordion fold, you will need to sacrifice those extra folds. In most brochure printing cases, layouts with extra fold configurations mean more paper area and of course more expensive printing. It is that simple. By eliminating those extra folds, sacrificing that extra area, you can make your color brochures significantly a lot cheaper to produce. You can cut as much as 30% of the cost by just eliminating around 2 fold panels in a brochure that has 5 originally.

b. The size ““ Size can also be a big determining factor for the brochure printing price of course. Large brochure printing will be more expensive since it needs bigger paper, and of course more printing ink. By just reducing your brochure’s size by 20% or even 50% you can almost cut down the same percentage in price. Of course, you will have to sacrifice much of the design area and you will need to re-layout your brochures, however that sacrifice can net you hundreds of dollars worth of printing money that you may need elsewhere.

c. The talent ““ Talent may also be needed to be sacrificed if you want cheap brochure printing. While layout artists can really help you develop powerfully original and distinctive color brochure layouts, they also add hundreds of dollars in terms of talent fees for your brochure production.

If you need to save money for brochure printing, you can sacrifice that talent in favor of using brochure templates that you can customize yourself, even if you are a newcomer to this. You just need to load up the template in the appropriate software and you are set to design a customized brochure print. It is that easy and the whole design process should be free for you since you won’thave to pay for the layout artist, or even the brochure template which is given for free.

d. The material quality ““ There might also be the need to sacrifice material quality if you really want to achieve cheap brochure printing. The quality, weight and thickness of the paper of course determine a lot of the printing quotations in brochure printing. Glossy and thick paper with special scents and coatings are of course more expensive to use in brochure printing rather than normal paper that is rough and durable enough. By just choosing your materials precisely when you do order up your custom brochures, you can of course make things cheaper by availing of the more standard paper materials instead of the expensive ones. It might decrease the quality of your brochure prints a bit, but the extra money saved can be used for other more important purposes.

e. The colors ““ Finally, if you are really desperate for cheap brochures, then you may want to sacrifice color. The black and white or black ink version of your brochures is of course the cheapest kind of print that you can have. If you do not mind looking cheap for our brochure goals, you can just easily have the brochure printing company print your brochures in classic black and white. With lesser inks to worry about, the black and white brochure can actually go down as much as 30% of the original value just because everything is black and white.

So that is how you can get cheap color brochures. As you can see, there are many sacrifices that you will need to do, but it is easy to really get cheap brochure printing when you really need it. Good Luck!

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