25 Jan

The Scientific Translation Company has launched, providing the most accurate and reliable scientific translation services around the world.

The company answers the key requirement by scientists all over the world, looking for accurate, technical translations.

Powered by over 2850 multilingual translators with MS or PhD degree(s) in various technical specializations, the translation services cover areas including software engineering, civil engineers, chemists, mechanical engineers, physicists and more.

The service uses native translators, so as to avoid grammatical errors, ensure proper use of each word, and to differentiate between dialects. This is particularly important in the scientific field, where poor translation can be costly, inconvenient and even dangerous.

Each project is assigned to the best matching translator from the expansive network, and a simple four-level process is adopted for each case.

Initially, the translation is carried out by the relevant, appropriate senior technical translator. At the second level, the case is proofread by another experienced technical translator, before a revision is carried out at level 3. The full project is reviewed by the assigned project manager at level four, before being returned to the client.

Each translator has on average, over 13-years’ experience, and the company has capabilities in over 1100 language pairs.

“Scientists require accurate translation, for often complex, technical cases” said Prabhajot Singh, Team Manager.

“Our network of global, native-speaking experts provide the highest level of customer service, as well as bringing a wealth of scientific and technical knowledge to their role” he added.

The Scientific Translation Company provides a number of additional services to translation, including interpreting, voiceovers, transcription, copywriting and subtitling.

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