The sopranos still at the top of chart as one of the most downloaded TV series.

04 Mar

During the late 90s when the sopranos were first released as tv shows, crime, action and thriller was given a whole new face lift and there was no looking back ever since. This is a must watch for all TV show lovers. This serial is based on the adventurous life of Tony Soprano, a fictional Mafia Capo. What made it an international hit is the fact that the plot moves fast, interspersed with black comedy and aggressive action.

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When the Sopranos was aired for the first time in the late 90s, it was a radical shift from the average TV shows. Its gives viewers an insight into the tumultuous life of a hard core mobster who went through a blackout and is trying to find a middle ground between his personal life and his criminal career. The plot is further thickened when he seeks the help of a psychiatrist. It becomes a matter of debate whether the female psychiatrist is able to help him sort out his personal problems concerning his family and the business problems concerning the mob.

It is a series that is packed with violence, betrayal, affairs and the internal demons that Tony Soprano the protagonist of the show goes through. Viewers are able to relate to the internal conflicts faced by the character, making it all the more interesting. For more information please visit


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