San Diego, CA ““ There are plenty of weight loss programs available today with a promise of fast and effective weight reduction. However, there are hardly any programs designed to reduce weight the holistic way. An ideal diet program must be simple and efficient that can be suitable for all the people with different genetic conditions. Most of the weight control programs found on the internet requires the user to sign up for a membership that includes heavy charges and lengthy procedures. In today’s world, people often do not find time to exercise and keep a track of all the points and numbers associated with weight reduction programs.


The Special Effects Diet is a special diet plan that recommends healthy meals that need not be expensive. This program has been designed after conducting extensive studies and research. It combines different techniques that work towards improving the genetic ability of the body to control weight. A few hours every week is enough to stimulate the body to lose weight. Dr. Didrik Sopler has designed this unique weight-reduction program after discovering a secret of tapping into the genetic resources to boost weight reduction. After a detailed study of Oriental treatments and Western practices, Dr. Sopler created this wonderful technique that uses the best elements of all branches of medicine.


The genes grow slower with time and age, making the process of weight control difficult. The Special Effects Diet helps find the right nutrients in the diet and builds a genetic system to support more weight loss in an efficient manner. This diet program makes use of the right foods, easy recipes and gradual change of lifestyle to promote better health in an individual.


The research and findings of Dr. Sopler has been published in leading medical journals, and before committing to the program, the individuals can actually verify the effectiveness of this program. The reference list that is supplied has all the details about the research and the program that people can verify themselves. They also get 6 months of e-mail follow up and visuals to help them change their habits. Under this program, no artificial foods are sold to serve the purpose of weight control. The explanations provided are very informative and all the recommendations are made referring to the research. For details, visit