As years start to pile, the skin loses its youthful glow and begins to sag, which is why they say you can tell a person’s age by looking at their face. One theory would have it that we’re actually "growing" more skin, or that gravity is taking its toll, but Dr. Yan Trokel says this is far from the case. Based on this premise, he has come up with the Y Lift, a revolutionary procedure that helps combat saggy skin on the face and eliminates wrinkles and other signs of old age.
Unlike the traditional facelift, the Y Lift is not a surgical procedure, therefore there is no recovery time, no scars, no bleeding or bruising, and no stitches. The few incision marks that are made during the procedure take only a few days to disappear, the same also applying to the sensation of mild tenderness in the face for a short interval following the procedure.
What’s even better, the effects of the procedure last up to two years and the substance used is all natural, which means considerably less risks of getting the "pillow face," as is the case with plastic surgery, or the "frozen" look, as many Botox fans may have already learned the hard way.
"After years of study, Dr. Yan Trokel created a revolutionary procedure he calls the Y Lift. The Y Lift is a non-surgical minimally invasive procedure that requires no incisions, stitches, or general anesthesia. The uniqueness of the Y Lift is that it not only revives the ideal youthful shape but also enhances and beautifies the natural features making the procedure suitable for persons of all ages. The Y Lift procedure is performed by Dr. Trokel using a specialized titanium instrument which is inserted beneath the skin and then maneuvered throughout designated parts of the facial region to instantly lift the muscles, fascia and fat underlying the skin. Once lifted, hyaluronic acid, a substance which is naturally present in the skin is used to hold the newly elevated position in place at which point the titanium tube is removed from the treatment site. The rejuvenated face is then “Ëœsculpted’ to accent and highlight each individual’s beauty." Dr. Trokel’s official website reads.
Four to six incisions are made, through which the hyaluronic acid is injected. The procedure is not entirely painless, some testimonials say, as there is a mild sensation of discomfort as the titanium instrument tries to make its way to the bone, to insert the filler. Once it is in, the doctor uses his own hands to "sculpt" the face ““ and this all takes place in ten to 40 minutes, leaving no scars and no bruising, which is why the procedure has come to be known as the lunchtime "facelift."
The name of the procedure comes from the fact that, "Youthful facial contours are shaped like the letter Y," as Dr. Trokel explains on the aforementioned website. Therefore, as we age, the arms of the Y begin to widen and point downwards: bringing them up again is meant to guarantee a more youthful look. Replenishing lost volume with a natural filler is what the YLift is here for, Dr. Trokel further says.mally-Invasive-Painless-Lunchtime-Facelift-118168.shtml“>Y Lift is here for, Dr. Trokel further says.
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