These Products Worth Your Attention: S8 2 Scooter, E3 E Bike

26 Sep

26, September 2016: More and more female consumers join the team of Airwheel electric scooter riders in pursuit of fashion and health. Compared with male consumers, female fans are fond of two-wheeled electric scooters, and they hope the new product will be featured by light colour, elegant design, and most importantly, humanized design that will make the riding easy and safe. In 2016, Airwheel hasreleased a good many new products such as S8 and backpack electric bicycle E3.

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Agrow number of female consumers join the team of Airwheel electric scooter riders. Unlike male riders, female riders pay less attention to speed and high-techs, instead, they focus more on its appearance, lightweight, comforts, and automatic balance-keeping. Airwheel hasreleased a good many new products such as S8 mini electric scooter and backpack electric bicycle E3. Each model has its own features. With the help of their features, they are put on the map and make something of themselves.


Electric self-balancing scooters invented by Airwheel continue to subvert the traditional ways of travel, being more intelligent and more convenient. Now the new fashion concept is the smaller, the more delicate.


Airwheel S8 sitting posture self-balancing scooter, mini and extraordinary, is another revolutionary electric self-balancing scooters in Airwheel family. Airwheel S8 is famous for its dual mode of ride. The dual mode ride offers the rider more choices concerning the riding mode during the ride.

Here’s a set of numbers which may illustrate the folding feature of E3 Smart E Bike. Airwheel E3 is about to sweep the world with a new fashion. Airwheel E3 benefits its foldable design, using many folding devices, such as the pedals, handlebars, tyres and the fold-up crossbar. This folds-up gadget is used for saving space a lot. Airwheel E3 is hailed as the space-saver.

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When being parked in a room, Airwheel E3 will not take up much space. When it is fully folded, it occupies the size of a backpack and weighs 12.5 kg. Thus, it is more portable. As a smart vehicle, E3 backpack electric bike is able to connect with driver’s smartphone via a customized mobile app and operate several functions, including fault self-diagnosis, real-time positioning, status review, and theft-proof.

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