Professional photographers are frequently asked what is their most favorite camera or lens. A compact camera can deliver great family photos, but when you are serious about photography you ought to get a DSLR camera. What you see in the viewfinder of a DSLR camera is what results in the final image – as compared to a simple compact camera, that is not accurate. With compact cameras there is a longer time period from when you click and when the photo is eventually taken. With today’s DSLR cameras, it is virtually instant.

Another bonus of the DSLR is the flexibility to switch lenses. A landscape photographer can reach long focal lengths and get closer, a portrait photographer can use a moderate length lenses for their subjects and an inside photographer can have wide angles, which are difficult to accomplish with a regular camera. If what you want is a camera for a trip or quick family shots, you can do fine with a normal compact camera, but if you want to get inventive, a professional camera with a range of options will give you much more flexibility to discover new angles, ways of focusing your subject and many other approaches.

Lighting and weather circumstances are very important to photography – they can make your photo looking amazing or dull. Blue clear skies can offer awesome crisp light, especially in the early morning hours or in the night before sunset. Seasoned landscape photographers will be able to read weather behavior and set up for the shot they have in mind just before the right light shows up.

Photography is a pricey hobby. In a very competing photography industry, camera and lens gear prices and quality are very much connected. The more you invest the better the quality of gear. But be careful not to think that by getting the most expensive camera or lens you will become a superior photographer – not likely to happen, as photographs taken with the most basic of cameras can create excellent results in the fingers of a capable photographer.

No matter what equipment you choose to buy you should get comfortable with it by studying the instructions. As soon as you know your equipment move away from the computer and go out into a new world that is longing to be photographed. Photography is an art form where you have to be persistent if you want to improve. Be strong and never hesitate to pursuit the subject you have in mind, imagine the shot before you take it. Imagine before you shoot – that is the key to awesome photos.

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