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Choosing a domain name is a big decision, one that you and your business or
organisation may be living with for many years to come. By getting it right from
the outset, you'll not only help increase your sales, but protect your brand.
The following are some tips to consider when selecting a domain name.

Defeat cybersquatters - register your business name as a domain name

It's important to register the domain name equivalent of your business name
as soon as possible - even if you decide to use a different domain name for your
actual web site. The reason for this is to thwart "cybersquatters",
those who register other organisation and businesses names and then try to sell
the domain name to the business (or someone else) at a greatly inflated price!

By registering your business name as a domain name, it also prevents
competitors or disgruntled customers from setting up a web site under your
business name that may seek to discredit your company or organisation.

While cybersquatting can be illegal, it can be a time intensive and
excruciating process to regain control over the name through legal channels -
and the outcome of such action isn't assured.

No business name yet?

If you're just starting up and haven't decided on a business name yet, it's a
great opportunity to ensure you can register a domain name that appeals to you
and can also be used as a business name. With the Internet playing a crucial
role in business these days, it's wise not to underestimate just how much of a
difference a good domain name can make to your bottom line.

Generic word domain names

Finding a good domain name that's not already registered can be quite a
challenge; particularly if generic words are involved, but it's well worth the
time in trying to track one down.

Consider registering a name containing generic words relevant to your
products and services. Doing so can help in boosting your search name rankings,
make it easier for people to remember your name and it will have greater resale
value if you decide to sell your business or even just your web site at a later

Make a list of possibilities before you start your search and bear in mind
that while it's likely those choices will be already taken, they can serve as a
basis for brainstorming others.

Don't waste your time trying to find generic one-word domain names as these
are nearly impossible to locate. Focus on two or three word combinations that
are easy to remember, easy to relay to someone over the telephone and are as
brief as possible.

Determining registration status

When searching, don't just type names into your browser. The vast majority of
registered domain names are not in active use. The only way to determine if a
domain name is available is to use a WHOIS application, available on most domain
name registrar sites.

Beware of existing trademarks

It's a good idea to check whether the name you are intending on registering
may infringe on someone else's trademark or business name, but keep in mind
generic terms can't be trademarked to the point of excluding others from using
the word combinations.

Good luck in your hunt for the perfect domain name!

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