Just before the World Earth Day , all the news reporters in Taiwan gathered together to announce the beginning of the “2009 world serenity campaign“, which was held by both the灵鹫å±±Buddhist Order and the Museum of World Religions .
All of the news reporters and other participants wore silicone wristbands called “serenity bracelets“ to remind themselves of serenity . The meaning of these silicone wristbands is to remind people to keep calm and be in a good mood . This activity aimed at appealing people to return to nature and listen to the sounds of their own heart so as to change the world from the bottom of heart.
As the fast pace of the developing society , many people find it hard to catch their breath . They just want to have a break from the busy world !! However , there are so many factors that are preventing us from calming down . And we feel more and more obliged to keep serene . And at this time , the silicone bracelets come pat to we busy people . These magic and beautiful wristbands can be used as a reminder for us to keep calm .
As is reported . the “serenity bracelet“is one kind of special silicone wristbands which is white on one side and red on the other side . We put on these serenity bracelets everyday to control our mood . You see , when the silicone wristband is on the white side , it means that you are in a light mood . By contrast , if the wristband is red , you are in a bad mood , so you must change your attitude and keep happy .
Are you as busy as a bee ? Do you feel like a burden on your shoulder ? Then you can try to put on these magical silicone wristbands. Let;s change the world from the bottom of our heart !!