Top 10 Reasons To Visit Morocco

28 Jan

Morocco is one of the most wonderful countries on earth. It has undergone a massive transformation in some areas like Agadir during the last forty years. However, most towns and cities are left untouched in their authentic culture. Indeed, it’s one of the only safe locations you can visit in Northern Africa at the current time.

A top Morocco tour provider has recently highlighted the top ten reasons you should visit in 2016. The guides at have all the best local knowledge. That is why so many travellers decide to employ their services during their stay. Take a look at some of the reasons Morocco is the place to be this year.

1.    Pristine beaches and clear blue waters. That’s right guys; Morocco is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. The beaches are clean, and surfing has become a popular pastime.

2.    Trekking opportunities. Trekking has become desirable for most visitors to this country. That is because the Rif and Atlas mountains are always nearby.

3.    Camel rides through the untouched desert. While Morocco is well populated, much of the country is untouched desert, and tours are great fun.

4.    Extreme sports activities. Surfing is not the only extreme sport available in this country. Indeed, many people partake in kayaking and whitewater rafting during their stay.

5.    Stunning architecture. Some of the buildings in Morocco were constructed thousands of years ago. There are some excellent locations of historical interest with incredible designs.

6.    Tasty food. Most travellers have to be careful when drinking the Moroccan water as it tends to upset Western stomachs. However, the food on offer in this alluring country will never cease to amaze.

7.    Interesting products. Haggling is part of everyday life in Morocco. People who come to see the sights should prepare themselves for a bargain. You can buy authentic local goods on almost every street.

8.    Lots of relaxation. Moroccan messages are an essential experience for anyone who comes to stay. A hammam steam bath and spa is never more than a couple of miles away.

9.    Great entertainment. Festivals and celebrations have become part of the Moroccan way of life. You’ll find everything from ancient rituals to modern music events in this Arab nation.

10.    Luxurious hotels. Some of the most luxurious and upmarket hotels in the world are located in cities like Marrakech.

Anyone who plans to visit Morocco in 2016 should make desert tour arrangements ahead of time. You can also contact providers when you land to avoid disappointment. Tours are available from almost every holiday location in the country, and they offer unmatched value for money.

You probably don’t need an 11th reason to visit Morocco, but the price of goods should help to sweeten the deal. Morocco is not a rich country, and so Western people will get a lot of bang for their buck.
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