Top Loading Washing Machine from Alexanders Direct Brought Back by Popular Demand

06 Mar

The Whirlpool 3LWTW5550YW American style top loading washing machine has been brought back into the Alexanders Direct Catalogue due to popular demand. With this high quality model, homeowners can enjoy efficient cleaning as well as saving up to 1500 litres of water per month. This monthly savings is based on the average family usage of a washing machine, compared to a traditional top loader machine using a normal cycle.

This is a classic top loading washing machine which is controlled by a single electronic knob. It offers a range of customisable wash options so that you can choose the selection that works best for your clothes. Also, there is an LED status bar which displays the section of the cycle that is currently running.

This high quality and extremely convenient washing machine is back by popular demand and it will be offered from the Alexanders Direct Catalogue from £749. Alexanders Direct is one of the biggest suppliers of commercial catering equipment in the UK and they pride themselves on offering excellent equipment for both the domestic and commercial market.

6th Sense Technology Makes Washing Machine More Efficient

This high tech machine features the innovative 6th Sense technology which has been developed by Whirlpool. This innovation was created in order to make household chores the easiest that they can possibly be, so that you can enjoy perfect results every time. 6th Sense is available on all Whirlpool product types, including refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers and more — not just washing machines.

This allows the machine to recognise the size of the load, so that it can automatically adjust the amount of water, detergent and energy used. The washing machine will release the bleach, fabric softener and detergent automatically at the right time in the cycle, so that it is most effective. This will ensure that resources are used optimally each time and that each load of laundry enjoys the best possible results.

As the machine is running, the 6th sense technology continues to monitor and adjust the programme so that you can enjoy maximum efficiency. The 6th sense technology on a typical machine can save you 30% of the energy that you would have used for a normal wash. This is great news for home owners, as it will allow them to be greener when using their washing machine as well as saving money on their energy bills.

The “Smart” Agitator Washing System and “Quiet Spin”

The machine also includes the “Smart” agitator washing system, which includes a plate at the bottom of the washing drum which is specially designed to move independently from the wash basket. This creates a dual motion for the clothes, which ensures that the fabric is better cared for.

Also, the washing machine includes the “Quiet Spin” technology also developed by Whirlpool. This innovation allows for less noise and vibration during the washing cycle. It controls the vibrations of the washing machine, even when the load is unbalanced. This means that users will be able to run their washing machine while watching television, chatting with company or sleeping — without worrying about the loud noise disturbing them.

These are just a few of the many features that this washing machine offers, so it comes as no surprise that Alexanders Direct are offering as part of their catalogue again — as it has proved to be a very popular choice.

About Alexanders Direct:

Alexanders are a supplier of commercial catering equipment, including chest freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and much more — all throughout the UK. They import a great deal of their equipment from all over Europe and they supply a number of famous brands including Vestfrost, Whirlpool, Foster, SterlingPro, Lincat, Elcold and others. They are one of the largest suppliers of chest freezers in the UK.

Alexanders Direct supplies equipment to a great variety of clients, including schools, restaurants, hospitals, cafes, bars, hotels, pubs and commercial caterers — as well as to the general domestic public. They pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and only supplying the very best equipment and products.

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