Top Rated Rental Car Companies in Iceland

29 Nov

29, November 2016: MyCar is a car rental service based in Iceland that operates in towns all over the country. The company differs from most rental businesses in that it only offers customers brand new Toyota cars.

Why Toyota?

Iceland is a harsh environment for any vehicle. Temperatures here fall below freezing for much of the year, especially during the winter months. Tourists and visitors planning to hire a car in the country need a vehicle that is reliable. Toyotas have always been renowned for their reliability, so it makes sense that MyCar should push these vehicles to their customers.

Cars On Offer

MyCar offers visitors to Iceland a range of different models. Cars on offer include the Toyota Yaris and Auris for those traveling light or solo. The company also hires out the Auris Station Wagon for families or those wanting to transport more luggage. And finally, customers can rent heavy duty vehicles like the RAV4 and the Toyota Land Cruiser. These are targeted at those who want to travel away from the main roads.

How MyCar Operates

MyCar’s offices are located close to Keflavik International airport. This means that the business is accessible for new arrivals in the country. As a result, the company offers free pickup and dropoff when you rent a car from its Keflavik site. This is good news for travelers to the area who want to stay out of the cold.

MyCar gives customers a choice of automatic and manual transmission on some of its vehicles. It also fits vehicles with winter tyres during the winter months for added traction. This helps prevent vehicles from slipping on ice and snow packed roads crisscrossing the country.

Some hire companies charge extra for miles driven over a certain threshold. MyCar, however, promises its customers unlimited range as they travel across Iceland.

MyCar prioritizes the safety of its passengers. CDW, GP, and TP are included in the standard hire price. Those who want additional cover can also get SCDW and SAAP.

Driving In Iceland

My Car knows that driving in Iceland can be difficult. Roads across the country are littered with bright warning signs, alerting drivers to dangers ahead.

Roads in Iceland are very different to roads elsewhere in the Western world. Many of the country’s mountain roads are covered with gravel, especially in the interior of the country. There are also numerous blind corners, and animals often cross from their pastures into the road. The company, therefore, provides its customers with information on how they can stay safe on Iceland’s roads.

About MyCar:

MyCar is a company that wants to achieve a high level of customer service. The company promises not to downgrade customers if the car they want isn’t available. It also vows to be there whenever customers need their help, 24/7.

It’s clear that this is a promising car rental company. If the MyCar wants to succeed in the long-term, it must deliver on all of its promises to its customers. That means sticking to its promise to only rent out new cars as well as provide fuel discounts for extended trips out into the wilderness.

For Media Contact:
Bjarki Björgvinsson
761, Valhallarbraut,
235 Keflavík, Iceland
Telephone: 354 552 1700