Transfer Guru presents its platform to learn & use online remittance platforms

26 Jan

India; 26, January 2016: People often face the dilemma of choosing the perfect online platform to transfer money from one nation to another. The sole cause for such problem is that they cannot decide which online money transfer platform offers the best service at a reasonable price. The problem can now be easily solved with the arrival of different international money transfer review sites. Transfer Guru is one such digital platform that has made it easier to compare the service charge of different online money transfer sites within a short period of time. It uses real time data to provide current exchange rates offered by transfer service providers when sending money abroad.

Here users have the opportunity to compare and check the cost of transfer money online of various platforms for sending money in different nations like India, USA, Nigeria and so on. The site offers recent news, stories and guidance about money remittanceto the viewers. It provides a quick and easy answer to the best price for global remittance with absolute accuracy. The site is also giving 25 gift cards worth ten pounds each to the customers who are posting a review of their money remittance service providers on its platform. For that users need to sign up with the site and leave reviews on any of its featured providers.

The site helps to explore the suitable global transfers solution to the people who are looking for safe transfer of money in their home countries. It is always best to check the credibility of any online service provider and that can be possible with the help of this site as it provides the exact information on the remittance charge of these providers without committing any error. With its help, users can easily check the conversion rate of various websites before sending money through a remittance service provider.

From this site users can know that the World Bank, member of the United Nations Development Group, implements initiatives aimed at increasing transparency and efficiency in the remittance market. They report quarterly on the remittance fee charged by banks and other companies around the world. They quite literally pose as customers and contact different international money transfer firms. This remittance advice platform also states that as per the reports of these organizations the average cost of for remittance globally sent was 7.99%. The site deals directly with the customers and does not involve middlemen when it comes to offer the best possible service in the industry.

About Transfer Guru:

Transfer Guru is an India based website that helps to compare the international money transfer costs of different service providers. Founded by OmidPakseresht, it is adding more countries and provider every day. To know more viewers can visit its site.