Trial Now Available For FIFA 16 EA Access Subscribers

26 Sep

26, September 2015: EA Access via Xbox One is known in the industry as one of the games of best value, and this is known more so to sports fans. You can find a package for just one annual fee of $30, or you can have a $5 monthly subscription service, which will also give you access to all of the EA sports games (except the most current releases).

One of the best benefits is that the service also allows users and subscribers to have early play time for the games which are to be released very soon. This is now the case for FIFA 16, which has proven to be a very popular release for gamers around the world.

If you are a subscriber, you can again access to over ten hours of FIFA 16, which is not going to be released to the general public until September 22. If you are one of the people who buy the game now you will be able to continue from that point later on, whether you were playing online or offline when the trial period was ongoing. Free fifa coins can be obtained from

As part of FIFA 16, you will see a number of new features and additions. For example, you will find a new FIFA Ultimate Team Draft mode, 9 additional stadiums, as well as "No Touch Dribbling" which will let you move away from the ball so that you can instigate a technique or move away from a defender.

The EA Access can only be found on Xbox One as Sony has not allowed it for the PlayStation 4. Those who are not subscribers and those using a PC can try out the game in demo status which has also been released. If you are a subscriber, then you will gain a ten percent discount on other games.