Trial ride of Intelligent Airwheel Q1 twin-wheeled electric scooter makes Norton unforgettable

28 Jan

28, January 2016: The general favour towards Airwheel Q series twin-wheeled electric scooter makes people enjoy the fun of self-balancing electric scooter fully. On one of activities of Airwheel, Norton had a trial ride of Airwheel Q1 electric self-balancing scooter that makes him unforgettable. The unique twin wheel system providing easier balancing, especially for those unfamiliar with electric personal modes of transport, for more stability on irregular road surfaces makes the Q series stand apart from other electric self-balancing scooters.


After the staff’s introduction and description, Norton tries to ride Airwheel Q1 self-balancing electric scooter with the help of the exclusive adding wheels for Airwheel. Airwheel special aiding wheels are made of aviation aluminium, sturdy and wear-resistance, matt surface with exquisite look. The Airwheel Q1 intelligent electric scooter may be the smallest of its family, but inside is a big heart: the latest generation lithium battery provides a range of 18 km with only 90 minutes of charging. Its electric motor on Airwheel Q1 is capable of delivering a speed of 18km/h.

Compared to other larger products, the Airwheel Q1 self-balancing scooter is small and compact that certainly gives nothing away in terms of riding comfort, thanks to cushions in the upper part of the frame. Then a comfortable ride is guaranteed, allowing riders to more effectively control the unit with their legs as well as their feet.


Under the help of the staff and the Airwheel special aiding wheels,Norton has mastered the riding skills and he enjoyed the pleasure of this cute Airwheel Q1 electric self-balancing scooter. To Norton, the reduced size and lightweight of Airwheel Q1 make it extremely easy and convenient to carry around by hand. After going home, he can not help to think of the Airwheel Q1 2-wheeled electric scooter and the next day, he has got one, no matter for his daily commuting or weekend leisure.

Norton adds that only when you have experienced the magic of Airwheel, will you be addicted to it.

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