All good storage houses offer a variety of storing units, catering to the varied customer needs. From weather controlled units to mini-cargo spaces and from regular units to cellars, an Oakland Self Storage Facility offers them all.

Mini Units:

Mini units are excellent for storing smaller items. Things like file boxes, smaller furnishings, and miniature objects are excellent for these cargo spaces. They come with temperature control.


If you are a fond collector of vintage wines and need proper storing space, then these units are best for you. Cellars are built with suitable temperature control so that wines can be preserved appropriately.

Wine cellars are a great help for those who do not have the space or means to build stockrooms at their residence.

Outside Units Or Drive Up Units:

Outside units are the most convenient as one can drive directly to them. These units are best to store sport utility vehicles, boats, cars, and similar items. An Oakland Self Storage Facility, with outside units, also provides cleaning and maintenance services to preserve the health of the vehicles. These facilities are offered at an additional charge.

These units are extremely convenient since you can easily back a truck right to them and drop off stuff there. You are not required to carry goods up or down a building so as to get to a unit inside the Oakland Self Storage Facility. Moreover, as the doors of these units are like garage doors that move up, the gap is big enough to easily store things such as furniture and appliances, and even certain motor vehicles can drive in, if the warehouse lets motors in their drive-up units.

Unfortunately, these spaces mostly come with no temperature control; hence make sure you don’tstore anything that’s weather sensitive.

Weather Control Units

Climate controlled units are best to store weather sensitive goods like wooden furniture, clothes, papers, and similar stuff.

These Oakland Storage Facilities have control devices that help keep the temperature inside the units’ in control, to restrict the dampness and also to render the air dry. Apart from this, for added consistency, these units are kept insulated.

Regular Units

A regular unit comes in various different dimensions, without the climate control facility. These cargo spaces are apt to store goods that do not have the possibility of damage due to extremities in the weather conditions.
Regular units are the cheapest form of cargo spaces available in an Oakland Self Storage Facility.

A General Overview:

Outdoor storing units are normally cheaper than the indoor units. One can lease cargo spaces big enough for large RVs or petite enough for a one-person recreational vehicle like a motorcycle or four-wheeler. It might be covered with a carport, consisting of gravel or cement floors.
Security is of primary importance when you look for a storing unit; hence make sure you only sign up with an Oakland Self Storage Facility that makes use of state-of-the art security measures to ensure complete protection of the stockroom.

An Oakland Self Storage Facility comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. From units as small as a tiny closet to as big as a house.

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