UNICO Spectrophotometers at Competitive Prices

24 Aug

Block Scientific is one of the established names in the laboratory industry offering a wide range of laboratory equipment and supplies. The company offers versatile spectrophotometers from the leading manufacturer UNICO. Great for use in many types of laboratories, including educational, clinical, industrial and environmental labs, these spectrophotometers are designed for maximum versatility and optimal performance.

Block Scientific offers different models of spectrophotometers to suit a variety of applications:

• S-1000 VIS, 110V
• S-1100 VIS, 110V
• S-1200 VIS, 110V
• SQ2802 UV/VIS, 110V-220V
• S-1000E VIS, 220V
• S-1100-RS VIS, 110V
• S-1200-E VIS, 220V
• SQ3802 UV/VIS, 110V-220V
• SQ4802 UV/VIS, 110V-220V

The UNICO 1000 is an easy-to-use spectrophotometer, ideal for use in high schools and colleges. It is suitable for general analysis and experiments such as Beer-Lambert, Absorption Spectrum, Chlorophyll, and protein (biuret test). UNICO SQ-2800 is the most economic general-purpose design in the SpectroQuest line. It provides excellent performance for measurements in the range of 190nm to 1100nm.

UNICO SQ-2802 series feature an advanced single beam design and come in four models:

• SQ-2802: Stand-alone model with 1.8nm fixed bandpass
• SQ-2802S: Stand-alone model with variable slits (0.5nm, 1nm, 2nm and 4nm)
• SQ-2802PC: PC model with 1.8nm fixed bandpass
• SQ-2802PCS: PC model with variable slits (0.5nm, 1nm, 2nm and 4nm).

The company can offer competitive prices and service for any equipment, which includes new, used or refurbished equipment. For more information on any lab equipment contact the company by phone at 631-589-1118 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

About Block Scientific

Established in 1980 and with over thirty years experience, Block Scientific is able to satisfy all the laboratory equipment needs of its clients, affordably and efficiently. In addition to spectrophotometer, the company carries many categories of equipment such as blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry, immunology, hematology, coagulation, microbiology, urinalysis and much more. For more information about their extensive line of products, visit the company’s online store at http://www.blockscientificstore.com or call 1-866-203-5777 (toll free).

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