Upcoming Consumer Electronics Show for Airwheel pride mobility electric scooters

13 Jan

13, January 2016: It is few days away from 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year, Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vega, USA, which is set to start on 6 Jan. and last four days. In these days, Airwheel has been preparing for the trade show held in UAS. This is also the first time for Airwheel to attend North American trade show.


For multiple reasons, Airwheel had never taken part in North American trade show, thereby cherishing this gold opportunity very much. It sets out to show its best image to the North American customers and scooter-lovers. As gift for them, Airwheel is to provide the free ride try on its electric self-balancing scooters. At the forthcoming show, the scooter-lovers in attendance will gain access to Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent S5 and A3 as well as the newly released electric skateboard M3.

2016 Consumer Electronics Show is of special relevance to Airwheel. Perhaps, it will serves as a prelude to Airwheel entry into North American market for scooter. Airwheel currently is not what it was years ago. Through years’ R & D, Airwheel developed a batched of patented electric scooters. Inspired by the single-wheeled intelligent scooter X-series, Airwheel originated the twin-wheeled intelligent scooter Q-series. Of the models of Q-series, Q5 is the most representative in the market. Since Q5 exemplifies Q-series, it is naturally to be a pioneer to penetrate the North American Market.


Before Airwheel entry into the North American market for scooter, Segway dominated the market for a long time. The customers and scooter-lovers have no opportunity to be exposed to other scooters. Therefore they know little about Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters much less getting used to Airwheel scooters. In order to have a deep impression on them, it is imperative for Airwheel to snatch at this opportunity to register its design philosophy and product presentation. Only by going the advantages of Airwheel electric scooters to them can Airwheel gain the standing in North American Market.

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