(Submit Articles) GPS tracking Devices implement the system of Global Positioning to track and find living things or an object's exact location. A GPS tracking element is fixed to a person, or a vehicle, or any other article that is being supervised. The tracking systems broadcast the data to a computer through means of a satellite, radio, or GPRS. This is executed in actual time, and is also documented so that it can be re-examined later on. The position of a person or an object will be displayed as a dot point on a map.

GPS tracking system was first and foremost developed by the US Department of Defense. It was put to use by the military in order to track the soldiers in the field. In this day and age, GPS is also used by private companies for business operations and also by individuals, mostly to monitor and follow at the time when vehicles get stolen. Most common advantages of GPS System are discussed below.

Means Of Transport

Tracking systems are commonly utilized as car tracking devices. Forces such as police, paramedic, and fire trucks use vehicle tracking system to trace and transmit the vehicle that is closest to the area where there is an emergency.

GPS tracking is used by companies to keep track of their delivery trucks, particularly those transmitting fresh and consumable goods, as the supplies should be delivered on time. Each delay will result in loss of money. Therefore, by using a tracking system, they are able to plan their routes. If there are any traffic incidents, they are able to find alternative routes. Cargo and courier services and other delivery companies can also use this service provided by GPS.


Individuals involved in Wildlife research and investigation exercise GPS on the animals that are being studied. The tracking devices help keep track of the relocation patterns which in turn help to trace the breeding locations. The tracking devices that are used are very small in size availing the researcher to place the device on the body parts of an animal. For example, in case of birds, the device is placed on their legs. For other animals, it could be easily placed on the collar, or glued onto the skin. These units are specially designed to be water-resistant and to withstand air and water pressures. GPS is also used for trained dogs by the police forces during search missions.

GPS is also used to track children's movements by parents.
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